Service Providers

The journey to becoming an e-Commerce active business is an exciting, yet challenging one, and therefore it is not advisable to go it alone.

Regardless of the size of an e-Commerce business, its partners or service providers will play critical roles in helping it reach its e-Commerce goals. These roles can range from online payment processing to delivery, and in most cases will represent complete aspects of the e-Commerce value chain.

Service Providers

Below, we have composed a list of leading service providers in three crucial categories, as a guide to e-Commerce success.

e-Commerce as a service

These entities provide “end to end” e-Commerce solutions as a service.

This at the very basic level means they provide highly customizable templates for e-Commerce websites for a monthly fee. In reality however these entities provide a wide range of front and back office features with their services, such as content management, customer relationship management, order processing, order fulfilment etc., making them a very attractive proposition to new e-Commerce businesses.

Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is an e-Commerce application service provider that authorizes electronic payments for e-businesses, online retailers or ‘bricks and clicks’.

Some of the service providers below offer value added services with their payment gateway. It is worth shopping around to find the service which suits your business needs.

Logistics Providers

Businesses selling products online, will by default require logistics services.

Some of these companies will find in-house solutions, but for the majority, finding an efficient logistics service provider is key. Legislation in Qatar relating to parcel delivery only permits local companies to deliver domestically from one address to another, whereas foreign players such as Aramex are limited to international deliveries in and out of the country. It is important to take this into consideration when selecting your logistics service provider, in order to ensure that they are legally permitted to fulfil your business needs.