User Experience Guidelines

Providing e-Commerce services on your company website can produce a real contribution to total sales and company growth, and in some cases it can be the difference between business success and failure.

A great customer experience is crucial for the success of your e-Commerce business. From the look and feel of your website to the speed of your delivery, how you operate your business will in the long run determine its success.

We have compiled guidelines to help you enhance your customers’ experience:

User Experience
  • Use of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Display advertising
  • Use of promotions and deals on website and third party deal sites
  • Active management of social media, blogs, comparators
  • Personalized content (based on cookies and registration)
  • Use of on-line video, updated and dynamic multimedia content
E-Commerce store
  • Presence on the web
  • Highly recommended presence on mobile (smartphone and tablets)
  • Depending on the category of products, it is recommended to have a presence also on third party and sector specific marketplaces
  • Recommended to have a presence on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp)
Identity Management
  • Simplified experience for loyal customers (registration of address and easy-to-use payment tools)
  • Authentication security to be defined according to the trade-off of conversion-frauds
  • Trusted login (e.g. social media login) to facilitate new customers
  • Enable cash-on-delivery due to this being a preferred payment method in Qatar
  • Enable various e-Payment options (credit cards, Qatar debit cards, digital wallets)
  • Enable home delivery
  • Enable ‘click & collect’ (order on-line and collect at shop)
  • Enable pick-up points
  • Enable rapid delivery (e.g. same day, one hour)
Customer Care
  • Publish service-relevant FAQs
  • Online support (email, chat, forum)
  • Hotline to manage difficult cases
  • Include a well-designed logo
  • Make sure the site works on all browsers and devices
  • Test the speed using a free tool such as
  • Put promotional graphics and links on the homepage
  • Ensure the cart / basket is visible on every page
  • Display any special deals, promotions or free shipping options
  • Include a ‘latest news’ section
  • Include calls to action to push people to important sales pages
  • Ensure there is a login box and have email / social signup form on every page
  • Include tabs at the top of your e-Commerce website linking to categories and products
  • Add a shopping cart at the top in case people wish to save items
  • Show payment systems and security measures
  • Include ‘Top Selling’ , ‘Featured Products’ and ‘Recommended for you’ sections
  • Avoid requesting customer information such as email address prior to customer making a purchase decision
Navigation & Links
  • Ensure there are language options
  • Have a clear search field at the top of your site
  • Make sure you have categories on each page and filtering options
  • Add a store finder if necessary
  • Include links to the most popular products
  • Include links to recent purchases and popular products
  • Remove broken links and fill in empty product pages
  • Include tabs leading to your support pages
  • Add a link to your career page
  • Add a link to your Privacy policy
  • Add a link to your Contact page
  • Add a link to the FAQ page
  • Include links to your social pages
  • Include a link to Terms and Conditions page
  • Include links to supplier information pages
  • Ensure there are ‘sharing’ buttons
Product Pages
  • Provide product images with zoom-in functionality
  • Include multiple product images and angles (360 degree views)
  • Add item information and specs
  • Have a field to change purchase quantities
  • Include a creative description that relates to the product uses
  • Include an optimized product title
  • Include an ‘Add-to-cart’ button on each product page
  • Include an ‘Add to Wish List’ button on each product page
  • Include filtering options, and collaborative filtering (who bought this, also bought …)
  • Include calls to action and upsell with promotions and special offers
  • Add customer reviews and ratings for product
  • Include related product links to upsell
  • Promote selling points, like free shipping or if they buy now
  • Include pricing information with potential sales promotions or discounts
  • Include the availability of each product
  • Ensure shipping and tax charges are added on the product pages
  • Include materials used, dimensions, colors, weight, washing instructions
  • Add available sizes and a sizing guide if needed
  • Include a forum section where people can discuss the e-Commerce product
  • Add a sorting and filter option for customer reviews
  • Attach videos to display how the product works
  • Add a currency converter if needed
  • Enable coupons
  • Have a live chat option that shows the support team
  • Add product codes for future reference
  • Include stats on each product such as amount of shares, views, sales and customers
  • Include social share buttons for each e-Commerce product
  • Offer deals for people who purchase multiple related items together
  • Use professional-grade pictures and videos
  • Include a banner that states if a product is sold out
  • Offer the option to sign up for notifications when a product becomes available
  • Include keywords on each product page to improve search rankings
  • Dedicated landing pages based on the search request
Media & Rich Content
  • Educational pages and tutorials
  • Product reviews and showcases
  • Company information and events
  • A blog with recent events and news
  • Comments in your blog
  • Social sharing options for your blog posts
  • Lists that relate to your products
  • An external resources page
  • Articles about the state of your industry
  • Areas for people to submit their ideas
  • A radio, webcast or podcast page
  • A page with video testimonials
  • Case studies and interviews
Checkout, Shopping Cart, and Wishlist
  • Show all fees (since the start of the e-commerce journey)
  • Include an option to ‘return to shop’
  • Accept all payment methods
  • Prepopulate payment data with the customer’s consent if they are a repeat customer
  • Offer low shipping costs
  • Make the checkout visual with fun images
  • Add checkout buttons on top and bottom of page
  • Ask people to continue shopping after a purchase
  • Allow people to save their cart to a Wishlist for later
  • Suggest Wishlist items to upsell during checkout
  • Ask for feedback if not satisfied before checkout
  • Offer multiple shipping methods
  • Promote free shipping when the customer spends over a certain amount
  • Offer promotions before check-out
  • Show the estimated shipping date and time
  • Offer a sample if they are hesitant about buying
  • For high priced items, offer financing or payment installments
Support Pages
  • Social media pages
  • Contact forms, emails, phone numbers
  • Forums, FAQ, Live Chat area
  • Sharing buttons
  • Availability of customer support (e.g.24/7)
  • Newsletter subscription