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This site aims to provide consumers and business owners with essential and up-to-date e-Commerce information.


A great customer experience is crucial for the success of your e-Commerce business.

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Knowing your rights as a consumer and staying safe online are central elements of a successful e-Commerce experience.

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If you currently own or are planning to start an e-Commerce business in Qatar, this site will provide you with information on how to start your business, which best practices and services will help you scale and grow.

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Being a savvy consumer and staying safe online are central elements of a successful e-Commerce experience. This site aims to provide you with the practical tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ecommerce experience.

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Opportunity and potential

Opportunity and potential are words synonymous with the current state of Qatar’s e-Commerce market, which in 2015 was valued at $1.2billion USD, making it the 7th largest in the MENA region.

The country enjoys a favorable environment for e-Commerce adoption, including a population with high levels of disposable income, high speed internet, as well as mobile and fixed connectivity. The average e-Commerce transaction value in Qatar is $260USD with travel and electronics being the most popular categories for online purchases. The below snapshots provide an overview of the current state of e-Commerce in Qatar.

1.2 billion $+
Qatar’s e-Commerce market in 2015
largest market in the MENA region
The average e-Commerce transaction value in Qatar

Qatar’s e-Commerce program

For merchants e-Commerce provides an opportunity to reach a global audience by transcending geographical limitations through connectivity via online networks.

This naturally means that businesses which deploy e-Commerce services, have access to a significant new sales channel, but just as importantly are also able to arrange more bespoke and efficient stock management techniques, and thus minimize the cost of catering to the ever diverse needs of consumers, by not holding onto or procuring large amounts of unwanted stock.

As with any developing industry, the challenges faced by consumers and business owners trying to participate in e-Commerce in Qatar are diverse and ever-evolving.

Qatar’s e-Commerce program aims to help facilitate the creation of an enabling environment for e-Commerce uptake, by addressing outstanding issues, whilst critically orchestrating the establishment of proper governance mechanisms which will continue to steer Qatar-based online trade in the future.

The objectives identified in the program are a result of a thorough collaborative effort with local, regional, and international stakeholders across the entire e-commerce value chain—from product creation to consumer receipt of the product—and its successful implementation is dependent on strong collaboration and coordination among these different stakeholders.

This portal is an integral part of Qatar’s e-Commerce program, which takes a holistic approach to identifying and helping to tackle the key issues inhibiting e-Commerce growth in the country.